The machine with polymer waste comes to the production warehouse. Raw material comes pre-compacted into bales.

When unloading the bales are received and the weighing of each bale is sequentially, the percentage of moisture and clogging of the raw material is determined. Cardboard separates, bagging (p/p) and packaging materials and checked for foreign objects. After fixing the exact weight, the raw material is considered accepted.


Sorting – an important and decisive step for obtaining a qualitative secondary granule. Careful sorting of polymeric raw materials makes it possible to separate polymers according to the following types:

– by composition – by the degree of contamination

– by the degree of preservation (destruction)

– by color The material is thoroughly cleaned from dirt, trash, sand, foreign impurities, scotch, metal and other foreign inclusions are separated.


The crushing process allows to grind the polymers and obtain the crushed material by a homogeneous fraction from 4 to 6 mm.

After this stage, the raw material is ready for washing.


The washing stage is not less important than the sorting stage and is the determining factor for obtaining a quality secondary granule. Our production facilities are equipped with a washing complex with flotation functions and metal separation. Washing of the polymer film is carried out in several stages.

In the washing process, special reagents are added to remove contaminants from the raw material, which results in a high degree of purification.


The process of agglomeration and drying is carried out using a special equipment – agglomerator.

The washed film is placed in the agglomerator, where it is heated to the plasticization temperature and sintered, then cooled and separated into separate pellets.

As a result, the finished raw material is obtained in the form of agglomerate.


The process of extrusion and the preparation of the secondary granule is the final step and is carried out in a special machine – a granulator. The crushed and washed raw material (agglomerate) is placed in the extruder, and there under the influence of high pressure and the temperature is melted. After that, the plastic polymer is pressed in the form of threads (strands) through a filter with a grid with a given size.

Then the strands are cut by the cutter to the size of the necessary fraction, and the resulting granule is cooled in a special bath.

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Production of secondary granules

The production of secondary granules is the main activity of the company «Ukrvtorsnab» (Dnipro city).  The company performs processing of polymeric waste, turning them into high-quality secondary granules.

The production process includes the following consecutive stages:

  • Reception of raw materials;
  • Sorting of raw materials (by composition, by color, by size, etc.);
  • Crushing;
  • Washing;
  • Agglomeration;
  • Granulation;

Each stage is carried out using modern, unique production equipment.  This ensures the highest quality of the final products manufactured by «Ukrvtorsnab».

For agglomeration of raw materials, is used – agglomerate. The essence of his work is, that polyethylene is laid in the agglomerate, where it is heated, sintered, and then it is divided into pellets.

Granulation is the final stage of production. In the special equipment are loaded already prepared raw materials, where it is affected by increased pressure and temperature. The got plastic material is squeezed out through the special net. The created threads are cut into granules of the specified fraction, after which they are lowered into a separate container for cooling and solidification.

As a result, a qualitative material is obtained, which, in its physical and chemical properties, doesn’t differ from the material made from primary raw materials. Only responsible producers of secondary granules, one of which is the company «Ukrvtorsnab», are responsible for each stage of manufacturing the secondary polymer granules.

Features of the secondary granules produced by the company “Ukrvtorsnab”

A sale of secondary granule is realization of quality products that is used in the different spheres of activity. In particular, such granules are used for creation:

  • polymeric pipes and plastic container of different type;
  • Foil of different types;
  • A variety of materials that are used in engineering;
  • Roofing materials, furniture, etc.

The secondary granule of LDPE produced by the company «Ukrvtorsnab» is characterized by an affordable price, the ability to maintain chemical influence, and also long-term storage without losing its properties and qualities.

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