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Secondary high-density polyethylene - affordable prices and fast delivery

If you are looking for high-quality high-density polyethylene, you can buy it on the website of Ukrvtorsnab.  In the catalog there are products of various types. For the production of granulated HDPE, only high quality raw materials are used. At first it is carefully sorted (by color, size, etc.), washed, prepared. After that, enters in the special equipment, which produces low-density polyethylene granules from the raw material.

As we can see in practice, secondary low-pressure polyethylene in its characteristics is similar with products of the primary type.

Therefore, the quality of the products produced from it remains quite high. By the way, products for the production of which secondary polyethylene was used are similar in properties and characteristics to products made from «primary» polyethylene.

The price of secondary HDPE is much lower. Therefore, you can reduce the costs of your company and significantly increase profits.


Variety of HDPE granules


If you are looking for a quality HDPE granule, you can buy it on the website of «Ukrvtorsnab». In the catalog there are products of various types – this is a secondary low pressure polyethylene:

  • Extrusion;
  • Color extrusion;
  • Color blowing;
  • Casting;
  • Crushed casting.

Depending on the type, the secondary granule of HDPE is used in the manufacture of certain polymeric or plastic products. For example, usual extrusion HDPE is recommended for the manufacture of pipes, bags and film.

Color extrusion HDPE is used in cases where it is necessary to make not only pipes, but also fittings. Such pipes can be used to provide apartments, houses, organizations with household water.

Color Blowing is recommended for production:

  • Bowl;
  • Jerri can
  • Barrels etc.

Casting is ideal for the formation of a variety of containers, panels and for the cladding of buildings, technical parts and much more.

The company «Ukrvtorsnab» delivers granules to all regions of Ukraine. For convenience of transportation the secondary HDPE is packed in bags of 30 kilograms.  If necessary, it is possible to supply free samples of products (up to 5 kg).