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Professionals living their business
Many years of experience in working with polymer secondary raw materials allows us to produce high quality polymer secondary granules for casting and extrusion
Qualified quality control of secondary granule production and all services rendered
We are a legal entity. We take full responsibility for the work done by us
Own production of secondary granules and finished goods warehouses
We work across Ukraine, Europe and CIS countries


of nature
Recycling of secondary raw materials, waste utilization
Provide high-quality secondary polymeric raw materials for each customer of the company
From 20 to 50% savings when using secondary polymer raw materials


The company UKRVTORSNAB began its development in 2010. We are happy that we make our daily contribution to the preservation of the ecological situation on our planet Earth by recycling secondary raw materials.

Our company is a manufacturer of secondary granules with its own facilities and warehouses. The total design capacity of our processing production is 2500 tons of finished products per year. At our disposal is separately located warehouse, in this territory there is a recycling of secondary raw materials and then the sale of finished goods. Production and storage facilities are equipped with all necessary modern equipment to carry out this type of activity.

We purchase, collect, export, sort and process waste of film and plastic polymers for subsequent disposal or recycling. We provide services for the recycling of packaging and packaging materials. We also provide services on toll raw materials, such as: washing polymers, agglomeration, granulation, crushing, recycling or a full range of polymer recycling services.

We conclude contracts for all types of work with the subsequent provision of reporting documentation.


Desire to understand what the client wants
Rapid response to requests
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Own production
GREAT ASSORTMENT of finished products
Own warehouse
ALWAYS IN STOCK of finished products
Well-established logistics
Great experience of delivery of cargoes


Production of polymer secondary granules
Activities in the field of collection, sorting, transportation, processing and disposal of waste
Preparation of secondary raw materials on the whole territory of Ukraine
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«Ukrvtorsnab» - supplies of secondary granules of polyethylene

Secondary polyethylene granule is a material which used in the production of various products. The quality and physical properties of the secondary granule isn’t worse than that of the primary material that is obtained in refineries. But the cost of recycled material is much lower.

To produce such a material as the secondary granule of polypropylene, usually take old bags, boxes and other similar products made of polypropylene.

The company «Ukrvtorsnab» is the responsible manufacturer

 The company «Ukrvtorsnab» is a large producer of secondary granules.  The company has got the trust of many consumers from different regions of Ukraine.

Such success is due to several factors as:

  • Use of quality, carefully sorted raw materials;
  • Use of modern technologies;

As a result, it is possible to create a high-quality secondary polyethylene in granules, which many companies are seeking to buy that specialize in the manufacture of polymer products. In particular, such as bags, film, pipes, fittings, hatches and many other products. The activity of the company “Ukrvtorsnab” allows not only providing enterprises with quality material.  The company’s activity has a beneficial effect on the environment.  After all, the secondary raw materials are processed, rather than polluting the surrounding world.

Success story of «Ukrvtorsnab»

The company «Ukrvtorsnab» was founded in 2010. During the period of its activity the enterprise managed not only to conquer the profile market of secondary polyethylene granules, but also to make a significant contribution to the conservation of nature.

Own warehouse spaces and production facilities allow the company to produce annually more than 2.5 thousand tons of secondary granules.

The company not only purchases raw materials, but also works with give-and-take, the last one provided with a full range of services: from sorting to processing.

Supplies of secondary granules are carried out not only within Ukraine, but also in the CIS countries.  If necessary, delivery of free samples of products is possible.