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High-quality raw materials for polymer sand products at an affordable price

Polymer sand products have recently appeared in the market of building and household materials. Nevertheless, they are in great demand among consumers. This is due to the fact that such products ideally combine the properties of concrete and plastic products, among which:

  • Durability;
  • Strength, and light weight;
  • Convenience of transportation and installation;
  • Pleasant appearance.

Raw materials for polymer sand products aren’t found in nature. As that it’s artificially created.  To do this, we use: polymers, and additional fillers.

When creating such products it is important to adhere to a certain temperature regime. As a result, the prepared raw material acquires the necessary shape, density, and after hardening becomes incredibly durable.

In this case sand of special grades is used as a filler. Dyes and pigments are also used, the purpose of which is to give the finished product a certain color.

The main element is polymers.  They can be either primary or secondary. The last ones has no difference, however their price is much lower; therefore, more and more producers of polymer sand products are chosen for production exactly secondary polymers.


A variety of secondary polymers

(agglomerate of HDPE and LDPE stretch)

from the company «Ukrvtorsnab»


Secondary polymers are obtained as a result of processing of various plastic products that are no longer used.  For example, bottles, caps, etc.

The company «Ukrvtorsnab» produces secondary polymers, using for this purpose only high-quality raw materials, which are additionally sorted, cleaned and washed.

If you want to organize the production of polymer sand products, we recommend purchasing raw materials from the company «Ukrvtorsnab». The catalog includes the following types of products:

  • Mix crushed;
  • Polystyrene crushed;
  • Agglomerate.

Mix crushed, however, like polyethylene agglomerate, it is ideal for creating such types of products as:

  • Sidewalk tile;
  • Polymer-sandy tiles;
  • borders;
  • hatches etc.

Polystyrene crushed is used not only for the manufacture of the products listed above, but also for the production of signboards, indexes, and is also increasingly used in the construction industry.

For the convenience of transportation, all products of this type are packaged in bags of 25 kilograms.