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Washing of polymers

We provide services for recycling of customer-supplied raw materials.

Washing of polymers involves several preliminary stages, such as sorting and crushing, and then the material passes through a sink and a flotation bath, where it is washed and cleaned of solid (heavy) particles and waste.


When agglomerating from the material, randomly shaped pellets are obtained with a sufficiently high bulk density and good flowability, which makes it possible to compact the polymer. The resulting agglomerate is both a prepack product and final product.


The granulation service is the final stage of polymer processing, which includes not only granule production, but also its filtration, the purpose of which is to obtain the best quality. The granulation process, according to the client’s request, can and does not include the washing stage.


The crushing service is provided for the following polymer types: LDPE (solid molds), HDPE boxes, PET bottles, HDPE bottle and PP box.  The crushed material is grid up into a homogeneous fraction. Raw materials with the rest of foodstuff, chemicals, and the presence of black and non-ferrous metal are not allowed.

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Granulation and agglomeration, as well as other diverse services for working with polymers

The company «Ukrvtorsnab» specializes in the production of secondary granules used for the manufacture of various products. In particular, such granules are in demand by enterprises that manufacture packages, films, pipes, fittings and other materials from polymers.

Secondary granule in quality and physical properties is the same as primary. The price of secondary granule is much lower. Accordingly, many businesses strive to use it in his production that is secondary granule.

The company «Ukrvtorsnab» works not only with its raw materials, but also provides services for processing give-and-take raw materials.


Professional services from the company «Ukrvtorsnab»


The first stage of working with raw materials is sorting. The next one is the washing of polymers. This stage includes cleaning and washing of the provided polymers on a special washing complex. The operation involves not only the usage of special cleaning agents that guarantee high-quality cleaning, but also flotation and metal separation of polymers.

By the way, if you need a high-quality agglomeration in Ukraine – please contact «Ukrvtorsnab». Here, modern and productive equipment are used, thanks to which a high-quality agglomerate is obtained. It can be, as a semi-finished product, and completely ready for further use of the final product.

«Ukrvtorsnab» also produces quality granulation in Ukraine. This service includes the following processes:

  • Sorting;
  • Crushing;
  • Washing;
  • Agglomeration.

Granulation separately specifies the quality of the filtration that will be obtained.  Granulation makes it possible to obtain a ready-to-use secondary granule.

It should be noted that when ordering agglomeration or granulation services, the raw material washing is carried out only at the request of the client.

And now let’s stop at such a service as the crushing of polymers. It implies the crushing of polypropylene and low pressure polyethylene produced by the following products:

  • Boxes and containers, including bottles, cans;
  • covers, etc.

The main demand – the absence of metal products. After passing through the crusher, the raw material becomes smooth and the metals is separated, ready for further processing and then we get the finished product.