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High-quality and affordable polyethylene grade LDPE and HDPE

Today, polyethylene LDPE HDPE (high pressure polyethylene and low pressure polyethylene) is gaining popularity. It is widely used in the manufacture of a variety of polymer products.  For example: packages, films, pipes, cast models, etc.

This polyethylene is made granular. It is produced in refineries – and for this it has a special ethylene polymerization method.

However, more and more manufacturers of polymer products prefer to purchase recycled LDPE and HDPE. In terms of quality, it is no different from the «primary» granules, but the price is much lower. Because of the fact that the recyclable material is produced as a result of processing of polyethylene products – for example, bottles, caps, etc.

Recycling of LDPE and HDPE is the main direction of the work of the company «Ukrvtorsnab».  At the moment the company has already won a part of the profile Ukrainian market and continues to strengthen its positions.

Supplies of secondary LDPE and HDPE are carried out in all regions of Ukraine.  If necessary, it is possible to supply free samples of products (up to 5 kg).

All deliveries of polyethylene are carried out only after signing the corresponding contract, which confirms the responsibility of the company.


A variety of types of products


The catalog of the company «Ukrvtorsnab» consists of various types of this product.  In particular, this high and low pressure polyethylene (also LDPE + HDPE color recommended for use), which is widely used in production:

  • Polymer-sand products;

LDPE + stretch is recommended for usage in the production of such materials as:

  • Film for packing;
  • Shrink film;
  • Packages;
  • Various products with shrink properties.

The pipe composition is a secondary granule that is used in plants producing polyethylene pipes, drip irrigation systems and a variety of accessories.

It is also possible to produce granules according to the customer’s individual order – in this case all individual requirements for technical characteristics and indicators of the final product will be taken into account.

Cooperating with the company «Ukrvtorsnab», you will understand what it means to be a responsible supplier of high quality products!