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Secondary granules stretch from «Ukrvtorsnab»

The secondary granule stretch produced by the company «Ukrvtorsnab» is characterized by excellent properties. As the quality of raw materials is high, it is carefully sorted, and only modern and productive equipment is used. Secondary granules stretch has many positive characteristics, among which particularly stands out:

  • Universality – it can be used for the production of materials of different types;
  • Affordable price – the cost is much lower than that of primary raw materials;
  • Durability – special properties of polymers provide a long service life of the product, resistance to negative climatic influences, etc.

That is why granules of this type are widely used in the creation of a variety of polymer materials and products.


What is used for the production of stretch granules?


Production of stretch in the company «Ukrvtorsnab» implies the use of only quality raw materials. After all, the physical properties of the product largely depend on this.

All production is divided into several phases, among which:

  • Raw material supply;
  • Selection and sorting by several parameters;
  • Cleaning, washing, preparing;
  • manufacture of granules.

Strict control of each phase – a guarantee of unsurpassed quality all stretch granules. They are great for producing a variety of materials.

The use of such granules in the creation of a particular product can significantly reduce costs, but, at the same time, produce products characterized by reliability and durability.

As a result, you can easily optimize the work of your company and will be able to receive significantly more income.


What does «Ukrvtorsnab» offer?


If you need a stretch, you can buy it on the website of «Ukrvtorsnab».  Here are several product options of this type:

  • 1-st sort;
  • 2-st sort;
  • 3-st sort;
  • Also unwashed and color stretch.

Depending on the grade, granules are used not only when stretch film production is carried out, but also in the production of mixed and multilayer films, casting products, construction films, roofing coverings, paving slabs, ruberoid, tare, hatches and many other.

All products, for convenience of transportation, are delivered in bags with a capacity of 30 kilograms.