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Secondary granules: different types at affordable prices


The company «Ukrvtorsnab» (Dnipro city) offers such kind of products as secondary granules of LDPE, НDPE.

The company always pays attention to quality of their products. Therefore, you will be satisfied with the purchased granules. In the catalog of the company “Ukrvtorsnab” the whole secondary granule is represented in several sections:

  • Polyethylene of high-density HDPE;
  • Stretch;
  • Polyethylene of low-density LDPE;
  • Polypropylene PP;
  • Raw materials for polymer sand products;
  • Composition.

Such sorting greatly simplifies the search and selection by the consumer of products that are produced at the company «Ukrvtorsnab».


Why should you buy a secondary granule in the company “Ukrvtorsnab”?

If there is a need for quality raw materials, then you can buy polymer granules from the company «Ukrvtorsnab».

There are several reasons why it is necessary to establish permanent cooperation with this manufacturer.

At first, here they pay special attention to the quality of incoming raw materials, which positively affects the final quality of all products.

Secondly, a thorough sorting of raw materials is carried out. If necessary, it is washed.

Thirdly, application of modern, productive and automated equipment allows to get
high-quality granules. Also, to avoid destruction of material and to provide his valuable degassing.

And the last one – the quality of all output is strictly controlled at the enterprise.  Therefore, the probability of obtaining low quality granules by the consumer is reduced to zero.

Warehouses provide complete safety of manufactured products.  In fact, there are almost always large volumes of granules of any type.


How to order a secondary granule?

If you need secondary polyethylene granules in large quantities, please contact the company «Ukrvtorsnab».

The company has a special scheme for interaction with customers.  This allows you to satisfy all requests as soon as possible.

To make an order, you can use three different means of communication – each client chooses the most convenient way for him:

  • By phone;
  • By email;
  • Through the application form on the website.

After receiving the application, the managers of the company contact the customer and provide all the necessary additional information.  If it’s necessary, you can order free samples of products.

If the quality of the products satisfies the customer (there can not be another option!), the company enters into a contract for the supply of granules.