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Secondary polypropylene granule in large quantities at an affordable price

Every year the secondary granule of polypropylene becomes more and more popular raw material, which is used for manufacturing various polymeric products.

This is due to the fact that PP granules are characterized by a low price, but they still retain their special properties. In particular, the secondary polypropylene is similar in its properties and characteristics with the primary.

The company «Ukrvtorsnab», which processes polypropylene and pellets, offers consumers large volumes of recycled material at affordable prices.  If necessary, free samples of products are provided (up to 5 kg).

Characteristics of polypropylene from the company «Ukrvtorsnab»


Secondary polypropylene in granules, which is produced at the enterprise «Ukrvtorsnab», is characterized by:

  • cleanness;
  • excellent strength;
  • Resistance to external negative effects;

For its production, only high-quality raw materials are used, which are pre-carefully sorted, washed and cleaned. As a result, the best granules are obtained, which are used in various spheres of production.

So if you need a really high-quality and reliable polypropylene, we recommend buying it on the website of the company «Ukrvtorsnab». Deliveries are made in all regions of Ukraine.


Types of products


The website of the company presents some products. So, polypropylene extrusion is recommended for further use in the manufacture of such products as:

  • Various technical products;
  • Plastic buckets;
  • Pipes, including corrugated;
  • Films;
  • Fibers, etc.

Polypropylene casting is an ideal raw material for the manufacture of such products as boxes, trays, other containers, other connectors for pipes for various purposes and the pipes.

Crushed polypropylene is recommended for making containers, and  it is also can be used for cans, buckets, joints, fittings and other types of products.

Therefore, if you need high-quality polypropylene granules, we recommend you buy them from «Ukrvtorsnab». All products, for convenience of transportation, are packaged in bags.